Take Ten card box

2 Mar

Since I created a fun set of cards on my last post, found here. I thought they needed a home. At first, I tried to create a box “all by myself” and things were going swimingly but near the end, I realized it just wasn’t cutting it. I took a day off and restarted with a “frozen casserole box” cut in half, covered and decorated. This is what became of it…

This one didn’t take long at all. I estimated where I wanted the height at the back and cut the flattened box nearly in half, the sides at steep angles and the front straight across. I covered the back and insides with yellow cardstock, added the blue on the sides and another yellow strip on the front.

For the accents on the front, I used a coordinating paper to the line I used for the cards, from Chatterbox. Then a few “jelly” embellishments by Making Memories and a ribbon to top it off.

I’m pretty excited about this little donation to my daughter’s school. I do hope it will make one of her teachers feel appreciated.

Have a fabulous rest of the week…happy creating! Eli


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