Tea Cup Pin Cushion Tutorial

8 Feb

I have been a fan of tea all my life. And now, it seems that it is somewhat fashionable. Yeah me!

I’ve been seeing a lot of tea cup crafts lately and had to get in on the fun. Plus, I was invited to a ladies Valentine’s tea and my friend asked me to share a craft with the guests. So I created a tea cup pin cushion. Too cute, if you ask me.

This is really so simple but I did learn a few things along the way so I thought I’d pass them along.

First off, I went to the thrift store to get white tea cups. Since they don’t need to match each other this was perfect. I found plenty for $.49 each so it was not expensive. I bought a yard of fabric, beads, yellow ribbon, flower head pins and cotton balls, all for about $15 to outfit 12 people with kits. I had plenty of left overs. Finally, I scrounged some rubber bands, plastic grocery bags and adhesives for the project.

Here is how you can make your own:

  1. Cut a plastic grocery bag in half and scrunch it down into the bottom of your cup. Make a small hole in the center to allow the “stem” of the pin cushion.
  2. Take 5-7 cotton balls and pull them apart to fluff them. I found that before I did this, I had a hard time getting the pins to stick into the cushion.
  3. Trim a piece of fabric about 7×7″ and lay the cotton fluff in the middle. Gather up the four corners and secure with a rubber band. Set aside.
  4. Cut 6″ of 1/8″ ribbon or bakers twine. Add a glue dot to one end and secure on the inside of the cup. Tie a small knot in the other end.
  5. Cut a piece of fabric 1×2″ and fold it in half. Open the fabric “label” and secure it with a tiny safety pin, around the ribbon.
  6. Add 3D adhesive around the upper edge of the cup and insert the pin cushion. Fluff it so that it fits and covers the adhesive.
  7. Cut a 1×12″ piece of fabric (larger if you have a cup with a wide diameter). Fray the edges a bit for a shabby chic look. Use super sticky dots to adhere it around the middle of the tea cup.
  8. Cut a longer section of ribbon and tie it around the middle of the fabric sash. Make sure to have enough to tie a bow with the ribbon. You may want to use a glue dot to secure the back so it doesn’t slip from the fabric sash.
  9. Add 3-5 beads to one of your long pins and push it into the bow’s center. Voila!!!

I think this is perfect for a party favor, mother’s day gift or as a craft at a party, like I did. Super fun, easy and inexpensive…what more could a girl want?

Happy Creating, Eli


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