Copics + Ikea = Nifty Storage

24 Feb

I love my Copics. I love Ikea (although I’ve only been once since I just moved near one).

I needed some storage for the said “Copics” and Ikea was just the place. I love to think outside the box when coming up with custom storage ideas. Some of you may remember how I build my own stamping shelf (check it out here).

While meandering around Ikea, I found some white metal bins for plants…and I just knew they would be a good size for my markers.

These little darlings are only $2.99 each. I love the lacy edge on top and I thought it just might work for hanging on a rod. So I looked for something to make that possible. Of course, that item was upstairs at the other side of the Ikea universe…lol. Check it out.

Hang bar (Large is $2.99)

S Hooks ($.99)

My craft room in our new house is configured differently (of course) than my last. In the new one, I usually work in the corner with a window on the left. Just below the sill, I screwed two rods into the wood frame. Attached the “S” hooks to the pots and hung them on the rod.

It’s awesome sitting next to this and seeing all of my markers, ready to color at any time. And the whole thing only cost about $25 bucks…So worth it.

Have an excellent and creative weekend.

Cheers, Eli


2 Responses to “Copics + Ikea = Nifty Storage”

  1. Linda February 25, 2012 at 8:18 am #

    Eli what a clever idea!!!!!

    • Frillions by eli February 25, 2012 at 8:47 am #

      Thanks…It sure is handy, too.

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