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Silhouetted Album for B-A-B-Y (and Grad too)

23 May

Today over at CutCardStock.com, I shared a tutorial of how to create this darling BABY album:


You can download a template to cut out the chipboard pages for Baby, Grad and Love. Click below for the download. Be sure to also check out CutCardStock‘s awesome Kraft Chipboard. It is seriously my favorite.


(after you upload, press the back button to come back to the post)

BABY printable

GRAD printable

LOVE printable

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope will try one of these albums. I have to say, it might just be a new addiction. If you have some other words you’d like me to put up, just let me know and I’m happy to share.

Cheers, Eli


Topiary for Mom

6 May

Since Mother’s Day is this sunday, it’s time to grab a foam ball, some strips of stamped paper, glue, pins and your creative spirit to make a topiary for your dinner table or just for a decoration for mom. Here it is:


If you want all the details on how to make it, please venture over to Cut Card Stock blog and check it out.


Happy Mother’s Day!!


Summery Dinner Table

3 May

We recently had a dinner party at our house and I wanted to get the feeling that the summer is really coming. So I started with golden table clothes and some yellow candles I bought at Ikea!!!

I love our dining room but it is sometimes drafty so the candles tend to drip. I thought if I created some cute medallions, I could put them around the candles and hopefully prevent the wax from dripping onto my pretty table clothes. This is what I came up with…


To create one, I used Spellbinders S4-345 Picot Edge Circles, cutting two per medallion. After cutting, I scored the die-cuts four times and then folded the score lines into alternating peaks and valleys.

Next, I cut the radius of one of the peak folds. After I completed two medallions, I glued the cut edges together and cut a small hole from the center of it. I used two different patterned papers to create a dozen of these.

It’s easy to simply slip them over the candles.

040313-long-tableHere you can see the candle medallions. They have alternating patterned papers.

Also on the table are a collection of hand-made place cards, colorful rose buds in small wine glasses and a center strip sprinkled with colorful buttons, paper scalloped circles, and other fun elements.

By the time the party started, salad plates were set, dinner rolls put out in baskets, water poured and candles lit.

040313-fully-setIt was a lovely evening that began with happy, colorful decor.

Thanks for stopping by…see you soon. Eli

Download a free calendar to embellish

18 Feb

It’s mid-february already and just now I’m getting the chance to share with you a calendar I created for some friends this year. I want to share it with you because you might just want to create an embellished calendar for your purse, diaper bag or briefcase.

First, 2 pics to peak your interest.



Feel free to download the months with the link below. Then visit the Cut Card stock Blog to find out how to put it together. It’s so fun, a great way to enjoy the day and do something practical.

Download calendar pdf: Calendar 2013 ccs.

I know it’s late but Happy New Year.


My Cup of Tea

11 Feb

I love tea. I love to smell it, drink it, hold it’s warm (or iced) cup and I love to give it. Today over at the CutCardStock.com blog, I shared a tutorial on how to decorate this tea tin.


Go make a cup of soothing tea and then visit CutCardStock to check out this little project.

Valentine Treat Bags in a hurry…

24 Jan

Who doesn’t love a little chocolate for Valentine’s Day? I do. I do.

Here they are.


Check out the CutCardStock.com blog for instructions how to make them. I bet you have all the stuff you need at home…especially the chocolate.


Be sure to make a few to keep at home…pretty and yummy!

Jar necklaces

14 Jul

This is a new project that I’ve been working on for my Etsy Shop, Frolicasions. They are little jars with cork stoppers that I decorated, added little trinkets to, stuck the cork in and added some kind of chain or ribbon for wearing. I think you might enjoy seeing some of them.

Head on over to my store to see these…and maybe a few more.

Cheers, Eli

Two Swift Gifts

18 May

It’s the season of parental celebrations, graduations, weddings…I created two easy and quick to make gifts.


You can see a quick tutorial about them over at the Cut Card Stock blog right here.

So, happy whatever!!

Goodwill Goodies!

16 Feb

I love Goodwill. I go there to peruse the aisles of kitchen gadgets, china, storage items and so much more. I’m always looking for interesting things to alter. This week, I stumbled upon a couple of blue bins that I knew would be fun for my craft room. A crafter can always use more cute storage bins, right? The one on the left is the before.

This is a super simple project. I used patterned papers from one stack to be sure that they all coordinated. I traced each shape I needed onto the paper and hand trimmed. I wanted it to look hand made. If you want it to be more polished, use a paper trimmer. I inked the edges to give them some depth and then adhered them with PVA glue (my favorite).

Here are a couple more images:

I embellished each with a couple of stamped images. I put the 2 bins up on a shelf and added tags to them for a quick grab. They make me smile. I hope they do you as well.

Happy Crafting!! Eli

Tea Cup Pin Cushion Tutorial

8 Feb

I have been a fan of tea all my life. And now, it seems that it is somewhat fashionable. Yeah me!

I’ve been seeing a lot of tea cup crafts lately and had to get in on the fun. Plus, I was invited to a ladies Valentine’s tea and my friend asked me to share a craft with the guests. So I created a tea cup pin cushion. Too cute, if you ask me.

This is really so simple but I did learn a few things along the way so I thought I’d pass them along.

First off, I went to the thrift store to get white tea cups. Since they don’t need to match each other this was perfect. I found plenty for $.49 each so it was not expensive. I bought a yard of fabric, beads, yellow ribbon, flower head pins and cotton balls, all for about $15 to outfit 12 people with kits. I had plenty of left overs. Finally, I scrounged some rubber bands, plastic grocery bags and adhesives for the project.

Here is how you can make your own:

  1. Cut a plastic grocery bag in half and scrunch it down into the bottom of your cup. Make a small hole in the center to allow the “stem” of the pin cushion.
  2. Take 5-7 cotton balls and pull them apart to fluff them. I found that before I did this, I had a hard time getting the pins to stick into the cushion.
  3. Trim a piece of fabric about 7×7″ and lay the cotton fluff in the middle. Gather up the four corners and secure with a rubber band. Set aside.
  4. Cut 6″ of 1/8″ ribbon or bakers twine. Add a glue dot to one end and secure on the inside of the cup. Tie a small knot in the other end.
  5. Cut a piece of fabric 1×2″ and fold it in half. Open the fabric “label” and secure it with a tiny safety pin, around the ribbon.
  6. Add 3D adhesive around the upper edge of the cup and insert the pin cushion. Fluff it so that it fits and covers the adhesive.
  7. Cut a 1×12″ piece of fabric (larger if you have a cup with a wide diameter). Fray the edges a bit for a shabby chic look. Use super sticky dots to adhere it around the middle of the tea cup.
  8. Cut a longer section of ribbon and tie it around the middle of the fabric sash. Make sure to have enough to tie a bow with the ribbon. You may want to use a glue dot to secure the back so it doesn’t slip from the fabric sash.
  9. Add 3-5 beads to one of your long pins and push it into the bow’s center. Voila!!!

I think this is perfect for a party favor, mother’s day gift or as a craft at a party, like I did. Super fun, easy and inexpensive…what more could a girl want?

Happy Creating, Eli